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We are martial artists giving martial artists everywhere the affordable option of showing off their Martial Arts Achievements where people can see them, on their fingers and around their necks


RIngs of Distinction was created to provide Martial Art

  • Individuals (black belts and black belt club members), 

  • Schools (such as Tracy's, Chinese Hawaiian Kenpo Academy, etc),

  • Associations (representing groups of stylists like Kenpo, Jujitsu, Shotokan, etc.) and

  • Event promoters (halls of fame, tournaments, etc)

beautiful custom designed and personalized fine silver and gold rings and medallions (pendants) at very affordable prices.


Rings of Distinction ("ROD")  founder, Shihan Richard Kahn (at right in late 1980's), has over 100 awards, plaques, medals, trophies, magazine recognition and honors from his years of individual and team competition. The practice was/is to print labels and tags personalized to the martial artist, but he had never seen a ring or medallion (pendant) that personalized in the metal (silver or gold) itself!


He offered to design a custom designed personalized ring for a Hall of Fame event in mid 2019 which turned out to be gorgeous and well received. The prices were very thin on profit but the result was spectacular.

His son Craig Kahn, joined the parent company Forensic Professionals Group USA, Inc, (FPG-USA) in the FIRPTArefunds (international FIRPTA tax company) division in 2019 while a senior at University in Finance.


Craig initiated the idea of establishing the Rings of Distinction division and getting into the fine jewelry design and manufacturing business here in the USA. Craig asked if he could invest some of his hard earned money into it and became a partner, actively handling day to day operations.

Ph:  417-862-4710