For Martial Arts by Martial Artists, made in the USA

Martial Art Rings


We custom design and manufacture (USA) martial art rings for school, style (system) or event and then personalize each to the recipient. Click here for details on metals and options.

Schools will typically want to have their fully customized rings come with the option to designate rank and title in different options. For example, Black Belt (with add-on options for example of Sensei, Shihan, etc) and Black Belt Club (for under belt ranks). School samples.


Styles or Systems are designed for Associations who may want a broad design component, but additionally want to provide for authorized schools that may have individual names and logos, to add their own components. These may then be for ranking or for awards and commemorative recognition, for example "Instructor of the Year".  Style samples.

Event promoters such as Hall of Fame or Hall of Honors, may decide to have an Inductee 20XX format fully customized to their event, able to be personalized to the recipient. They may also want specific items to coordinate with a named award other than Induction, for example "Instructor of the Year". Event samples.


Martial Art Medallions


Medallions are typically 1.25" diameter, designed to be worn in the fashion of a Pendant with chain around the neck. 

Click here for details on metals and options.

The same attributes which apply to the Rings, in terms of design, use and examples, apply to the Medallions. 


Certificate of Authenticity

Each and every item can add an optional Certificate of Authenticity (COA) on parchment, recorded on our official registry, for a nominal additional fee. When it is important to be official, the COA can be customized and personalized.


The COA includes:

Black and white photos of the item.

SIgnatures of the Artist (Shihan Richard Kahn)

Official signature line(s) (can be used by Instructor, Grand Master , Even Promoter, Witnesses, etc. The COA is official, suitable for framing, confirmation of the award, rank, achievement.  

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