On this page: Inquire, Design, Order, Shipping, Payment Methods, Work with Us.

Step 1: Inquire 

Establish contact with Shihan Richard or his son Craig.


Pick you "counter" so to speak: Creating a new design or personalizing an existing design.

You can call or email us, or fill out an online or printable inquiry form first and we'll call or email you to get started.

Shihan Richard Kahn: 305-508-4231
Craig Kahn: 786-329-5588

Create a New Design

Personalize and/or modify an existing design. 


Step 2: Design or Personalize

Your ROD Rep who has responded to your Step 1 inquiry will assist you throughout.



  • Click and review New Design Process

  • Send your ROD Rep a rough sketch of the new design you have in mind, with some links to any potential artwork.

Rough Sketch CHLKA.jpg
  • Your ROD Rep work with you to put together your perfect ring or medallion design parameters.



Your ROD Rep will go through your Step 1: Existing Ring Design Inquiry Order Form and

  • Confirm personalization items design features.

  • Answer any questions


Step 3: When Happy, Order


Your ROD Rep will assist you in ordering and paying.


When you are happy, all your questions and concerns are satisfied and you are ready to proceed, we will send you an invoice with your particular specifications via email.

You can pay this with a credit card online or if you prefer we'll give you our bank information to make a direct deposit or electronic funds transfer. We also accept checks and money orders.



It normally takes about 10 - 12 working days for us to have your item(s) ready to ship.

Oftentimes recipients attend events from other States and Countries. We can ship in bulk or individually to the recipient. If you have placed orders with the event sponsor ahead of time, your items will be at the event. If you place orders at the event or otherwise require it, we will ship to your desired location. We ship insured with signatures required.


You can choose from a variety of shipping options. These arrangements are generally made at the time of ordering .

International shipments may require customs duties and taxes be paid by the recipient in their country. 


Payment Methods and Tax

We originate items from our home state of Florida, USA. If we are shipping to a Florida address or taking orders from a Florida purchaser, we are required to collect tax.

We accept credit cards, checks, direct bank deposits, online payment services and wires. We do not accept cash.

We accept payments in person, online and can invoice. 

There is a 3.5% processing surcharge on credit card orders and fee based payment processing service orders. 


Work With Us


We work together with Schools, Associations and Event promoters in traditional fashion. 


Every martial art school buys or arranges purchase of items for their students. Same with event promoters who organize items and offerings, and Associations who might sell patches and other items.  

We have a MSRP or manufacture suggested retail price and a wholesale or dealer price. 

The school, association or event sponsor can collect payment and remit to us for fulfillment, we can provide the service or both.

We also provide a selection of Start Up Packages which include design and samples with promotional items. Inquire.

Ph:  417-862-4710