Martial Art Styles and Virtues

Our Shihan Richard Kahn custom designs our jewelry line. He has extensive experience in Style and Virtue Kanji (lettering). He learned from Great Grand Master Al Tracy, an expert. It is very important to use only exact and accurate symbols on our jewelry. Below are some Style and Virtue Kanji Shihan Richard has worked on.



(J) Ken or (C) Ch'uan meaning "fist"

(J) Ho or (C) Fa meaning "law"

Here is an example of Kenpo Style Kanji:

     (J) Japanese and (C) Chineses

Styles are sometimes referred to as Systems. Here are Styles Kanji Shihan Richard has worked on:

  • Aikido

  • Aikikai

  • Arnis - Eskrima - Kali (Weapons based fighting including sticks and blades)

  • Bacom or Vacon (Peruvian)

  • Bajutsu (Military horsemanship)

  • Bojutsu (Using Bo staff as a weapon)

  • Bokator (Cambodian "Pounding a Lion")

  • Capoeira (Sance like martial art from Brazil)

  • Changquan (Shaolin - a/k/a Chang Quan)

  • Chaquan (Chinese - acrobatic, graceful, includes weapons)

  • Chito-Ryu (1,000 year old Chinese style)

  • Choujiao (Northern Chinese)

  • Dim Mak (Pressure point fighting)

  • Drunken Fist (Chinese Kung Fu style)

  • Eagle Claw (Chinese)

  • Gojuryu (Chinese and Japanese)

  • Gojuryu Karatedo (Japanese)

  • Hapkido

  • Hakko-Ryu  (Japanese JuJitsu style)

  • Hapkido (Korean)
  • Iron Fist (Chinese and Japanese)

  • Iron Palm (Chinese and Japanese. Sometimes considered a technique rather than a style)

  • Jeet Kun Do (Developed by Bruce Lee)

  • Jingmo (Chinese - Northern Sholin)

  • Jiu Jitsu (Body leverage)

  • Judo (Japanese a/k/a Kodokan Judo)

  • Jujitsu (Japanese)

  • Kajukenbo (Hawaiian)

  • Kapu Ku'ialua (Hawaiian - a/k/a Lua)

  • Karate (a/k/a Karate-Do Open or Empty Hand)

  • Kendo (Way of the Sword - Chinese, Japanese)

  • Kenjutsu (Swordsmanship discipline similar to Fencing in current practice)

  • Kenpo (a/k/a Kempo. May include International, American, Chinese, Hawaiian, Japanese, etc in title.)

  • Kobudo (Japanese - Okinawan weapon fighting system)

  • Krav Maga (Israeli Defense Force - Non-Sport)

  • Kung Fu (Chinese - Many versions I.e. Gong Fu, Wu Shu, San Soo, Shaolin, Tai Chi, etc.)
  • Kyokushin (Full contact upright, no protective gear sparring)

  • Monkey Fist (Kung Fu - Chinese - Japanese)

  • Muay Thai (Thai Boxing or Tai Chuan)

  • Ninja (Japanese a/k/a Ninjutsu and Shinobi - Stealth, assasination.)

  • Nippon Karate Do Genbu Kai (Japanese Genbu School karate association)

  • Praying Mantis (Shaolin, Chinese - Southern and Northern variations)

  • Sambo (Chinese Red Army grappling and wrestling)

  • Shippalgi ("Sib pal gi" Korean military. Strike, thrust and slice.)

  • Shito Ryu (Japanese school system of Karate)

  • Shorinji Kempo (Shaolin Monastery China style of Kung Fu)

  • Shorinryu (In China - Sholin Temple; In Japan, Okinawa School of Karate)

  • Shaolin (Encompasses many styles of Kung Fu of Buddhist monks in monastery so more religious.)

  • Shotokan (Japanese - Various forms)

  • Silat (Malaysian)

  • Systema (Russian similar to Israeli Krav Maga - Non-Sport)

  • Taekwondo (Korean. Now an Olympic Sport)

  • Tai Chi (Taoist martial art with meditation exercises)

  • Uechi Ryu (Okinawan karate) 

  • Vale Tudo (Brazilian "Anything Goes")

  • Wing Chun (Chinese with many variations including Kung Fu styles)

  • Xingyiquan (Chinese, explosive linear moves)

For full list of 170+ styles go off site to Black Belt Wiki.



Virtues are many. Here are a few examples: Bravery, warrior spirit, inner strength, integrity, honesty, enthusiasm, power, perseverance, honor, discipline, self confidence, achievement, trustworthy, control, strength,loyalty, courage, etcetera. 


Virtues are Kanji (lettering) that define high moral standards. For example:




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