New Designs

Creating a new jewelry design is an interesting and complex process.

We will work with you personally to create the perfect design.

Step 1: Draw a rough sketch of what you envision your custom design to include. 

Step 2: Direct us to your logo, patch and other artwork you wish to draw from. 

Step 2: You can ALSO designate Kanji as well. We have a vast library of images and Kanji. The Kanji to the far right is Warrior but when used with to the left, it is Warrior Spirit.

Step 3: A professional sketch artist draws your ideas into a detailed design.


Step 4: A professional CAD designer creates a highly detailed 3D ring from the sketch design.

Step 5: A professional artist make it image ready. 

Step 6: A professional photographer makes an exact photo image.

The ring is now ready to go into the jewelry manufacturing process.

Ph:  417-862-4710