New Designs

Creating a new jewelry design is an interesting and complex process.

We will work with you personally to create the perfect design.

Step 1: Draw a rough sketch of what you envision your custom design to include. 

CHKA Shihan Black Belt 2of4.jpg
CHKA Shihan Black Belt 1of4.jpg
Rough Sketch CHLKA.jpg

Step 2: Direct us to your logo, patch and other artwork you wish to draw from. 


Step 2: You can ALSO designate Kanji as well. We have a vast library of images and Kanji. The Kanji to the far right is Warrior but when used with to the left, it is Warrior Spirit.


Step 3: A professional sketch artist draws your ideas into a detailed design.

Design Sketch Desktop

Step 4: A professional CAD designer creates a highly detailed 3D ring from the sketch design.

Step 5: A professional artist make it image ready. 

ROD Cad Design Blank.jpg

Step 6: A professional photographer makes an exact photo image.

The ring is now ready to go into the jewelry manufacturing process.

R11 CHKA Shihan Surname 3fists top.jpg
R11 CHKA Shihan Surname 3fists Tracys le
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