Richard Kahn Black Belt Credentials

Our principal Richard Kahn's Black Belt Credentials


In June 2019 Richard Kahn was promoted to Godan 5th Degree Black Belt in company with high ranking black belts, RIchard celebrated 32 years of continuous martial arts training. With this promotion he gives up his title of Sensei (Teacher) and assumes the title Shihan (Master Instructor).

Below is a brief photo gallery.


Richard Kahn began his competitive marital arts career between the ages of 32 and 39. He competed in over 220 amateur rounds in recorded open style judged ring competition.  For the 1st 2 years he did full contact. For the next 5 years he did national and international ranked sport karate. He's won over 70 trophies, awards, plaques and medals and enjoyed top national and international ranking.

He continues to practice and receives ongoing awards recognition for his contributions to the martial arts.

Here at left you see him in 2015 in front of the table containing a dozen elite fighters being awarded the coveted Master's Black Belt (Black with red stripe). This was the day he retired his worn black belt you see here. The insert photo are the other recipients of Master's Belts laid on the table congratulating Richard as the first recipient. 

Richard was inducted into the 2013 Martial Arts Hall of Honors. In 2017 Richard received a coveted award plaque honor at the Kenpo Gathering of Eagles Kenpo Hall of Fame including being honored with his name being placed on the international Kenpo Family Tree of Black Belts dating back to the 1950s in US martial arts black belt lineage. His chief instruction is Marine Sargeant Sifu Jack "ManChild" Shamburger, currently one of about 32 in the world ranked 10th Dan Grand Masters in the style. Find out more at

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06/2019 Richard Kahn receiving CHKA Shihan Godan 5th Dan rank from Grand Master Sifu Jack Shamburger


Richard Kahn celebrating CHKA Sensei 3rd Dan rank, honored to be surrounded by ranked brother Shihan and Sensei masters. (Center with diploma)

06/2019 Richard Kahn (front Rt) honored to be in this line of high rank black belts and awesome competitors. 32 years continuous martial arts experience.


Richard Kahn no longer wears a Black Belt. He is given Black Belt with Red Stripe, called a Master's Belt. From now on, this is the belt he wears and receives rank on. The cup is from the famous tea ceremony.


Richard Kahn honored at Kenpo International Hall of Fame and Gathering of Eagles in 2015 Chicago. Notes that his name is on the official Black Belt Tree


Richard Kahn with his instructor, Grand Master Sifu Jack Shamburger and  son Craig Kahn.


Richard Kahn (Rt) with his instructors Great Grand Master Al Tracy (Ctr), also son Craig Kahn (Lt) honored at 2015 Gathering of Eagles to witness GM Sifu Jack Shamburger's promotion to 10th Dan and to be hours and hours at the side of GGM Al Tracy to hear his stories. GGM Al Tracy became attached to Craig.  RIP GGM 

Richard Kahn inducted into the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors at Atlantic City in 2013. (2nd from Rt)


1997 Richard Kahn receiving his black belt certificate #6, 12 years into training, from now Grand Master Sifu Jack Shamburg.

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